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new nervous voice videos   
 Psycho Squid (c.1990 Jurkovic-Worthy) 
 God's VCR (c.1990 Jurkovic-Worthy)
 Ego-Ectomy (c.1990 Jurkovic-Worthy)  (Jim Coyle - acoustic guitar, back vox)
 Adrift (c.1990 Jurkovic-Worthy)
 Another Historical Day In The USA (c.1992 Worthy-Jurkovic)
 Parisian Rain (c.1990 Jurkovic-Worthy)

  For Ten Days (2013 Occupy Remix) - New Nervous Voice (c.1992 Worthy-Jurkovic)

 The Thrashingnomes of Halycon - New Nervous Voice (c.1993 Worthy-Jurkovic)

 We Gotta Stop (2012 Occupy Remix) New Nervous Voice (c.1991 Jurkovic - Worthy - Gambino)
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