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calling all poets

        Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main, Beacon, NY
2014 Readers Schedule

Friday, January 3rd:     Anne Gorrick & Adrianna Delgado

Friday, February 7th:    Susan Konz & Guy Reed  
                             webfeature Michelle Batiste

Friday, March 7th:       Mark Blackford & Roger Aplon  
                             webfeature Shotsie Gorman

Friday, April 4th:        Rebecca Schumejda  & Janet Hamill
Friday, May 2nd:       Christi Shannon Kline & Irene O’Garden
Friday, June 6th:       Jane Omerod & Donald Lev

                                              No July Reading  Holiday

 Friday, August 1st:     Roberta Gould & Robert Milby
Saturday,August 2nd: 6th Annual CAPS Marathon 11a-11p
Friday, September 5th:  Larry Sansone & Tara Yetter
Friday, October 3rd:    Marina Mati & Mike Jurkovic
Friday, November 7th:  James Cotter & Tony Pena
Friday, December 7th:   Leslie Gerber & Jim Eve

                  Hosted by Jim Eve, Mike Jurkovic, & Robert Milby 

Every first Friday of the month, 8:00 PM

                               2 poem open mic (5 minutes)

                  $5.00 Admission.    Refreshments available


                          Listen for CAPSCAST – live readings from Howland
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