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Some very kind words:

"He’s the mad house jester whose jabs jolt and sting. As one of his poems puts it, “gravity gets us all,” which is as serious as it gets.  Enjoy this work, it is original and a pleasure to read."

Guy Reed, poet, The Effort to Hold Light, Second Innocence


Mike’s vigorous love for life and language shimmers throughout. By turns ironic, intimate and inspiring, his poems are full of “the words we use to shorten the distance between us”. How adept he is at finding them How enriched we feel when he shares them with us.” 

Irene O’Garden, Award winning Playwright, Poet, Author of Risking the Rapids & Glad to Be Human

shiny banjo catfishBlue Fan Whirring


“Muscular, mordantly funny phrases that stick in the imagination like burs.”

Nina Shengold, Chronogram


"His storytelling talent runs through so many of these poems, and it’s his ability to spin a narrative that’s as much responsible for engaging the reader as is the topic of any given poem.  The trajectory of his words and images provide the propulsion that arc throughout these pieces with what I would call controlled chaos." 

Ken Holland, Award winning poet and Pushcart nominee


“He enjoys an eloquent crassness.”

Susan Konz, poet & innocent paaserby


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Containing live performances, studio work, and previously unpublished poems, all titles are home made and mastered except for AmericanMental and Thez r th Dark Agez. Bundle discs together anyway you'd like: 3 for $25 or 2 for $20. Thez r the Dark Agez & And Then They Came feature Steve Worthy and yours truly as NewNervousVoice, of whom Aquarian Magazine said of "God’s VCR:" it's the kind of song that advances mankind forward. The Hudson Valley News warned that “The world will never be the same," and The Times Herald Record called ascribed it as “Artsy, accesible, provocative & fun.” While Good Times Magazine labelled it: “. . .the tinkering of madmen. . .,” and Home & Studio Recording admitted: “After concentrating on the lyrics, I found myself angry at American society. A great deal of creative thought and energy invested” But probably the best words ever spoken about NewNervousVoice was by the late Joey Ramone at an ASCAP Songwriters Showcase that featured our legendary track "Psycho Squid:" I dunno what ‘Psycho Squid’ is but it would sure make a fuckin’ great Saturday mornin’ cartoon show!”

Check out "Ego-echtomy" too!