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Mike’s Great Stuff

AmericanMental, Luchador Press, 2020 

Here is a poet making known the complaints that bounce around unexpressed inside our own heads, a kind of Larry David with line breaks. In a rare upbeat moment, he writes, "of course there's people/being born but" And it's in that but that the Jurkovic vision resides. In his universe, something's gone missing, the wife controls the Ambien, and Dylan was wrong.

Still, there's a bit of that Nobel Laureate running throughout American Mental, a kind of sub-Canadian worldsick blues, that propels the reader with great velocity, and wordplay, and original insight through its pages.

Tim Tomlinson is the author of Requiem for the Tree Fort I Set on Fire (poems), and This Is Not Happening to You (stories). He is a co-founder of New York Writers Workshop and teaches in New York University's Global Liberal Studies.


Blue Fan Whirring : Poems by Mike Jurkovic | Nirala Publications

Blue Fan Whirring: Poems by Mike Jurkovic                                                                ISBN : 81-8250-096-6 2018 Hardcover pp 158 Here you will find delicate leaves of contemplation as well…

Smitten by Harpies: Mr. Mike Jurkovic: 9781530404841: Books

Smitten by Harpies [Mr. Mike Jurkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Here is a boisterous, surreal, sometimes comical, sometimes seriously political romp wherein the discontinuity of language and image challenges the reader to suspend expectations – letting the imagination guide the intellect instead of the other way around. A hilarious ride well-worth taking. 

Shiny Banjo Catfish: Mr. Mike Jurkovic: 9781535163965: Books

Shiny Banjo Catfish [Mr. Mike Jurkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. no man, no poet a shiny banjo catfish setting prayers aloft

Eve's Venom — Post Traumatic Press

Mike Jurkovic   Sample PoemPlum Colored V-Neck I never knew a plum colored V-Neck could be a traffic hazard, but that’s my story and I’m stuck with it. Stray went my eye as she walked by, and we all know how this shit happens. Eight car urban pile up like mastodons in heat. The peasant top gave me tragic pause. But at least I dodged that group of nuns and that woman, with her shih-tzu. I missed her! And the kid chasing dreams in between parked cars? I missed him and Rabbi Klezmer! But her plum colored V-Neck broke my attention, and now, your honor, if I may proceed…  


Calling All Poets Series is a monthly poetry/writing reading series, featuring poets from the Hudson Valley and beyond.
AmericanMental available late June


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